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Shanghai C&S Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, specializing in providing enterprises with consulting, development tools, implementation, technical support, and customized development for software development teams. Our clients cover various industries including finance, telecommunications, e-commerce, and more.

Shanghai C&S is the authorized partner in China for SonarQube, Renorex, Github, and Github Copilot. We offer comprehensive services including consultation, licensing, deployment, training, and technical support for related products and solutions. Our goal is to assist your enterprise in implementing DevSecOps practices effectively.

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Consulting Services

We assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the features and advantages of SonarQube, Ranorex, GitHub and GitHub Copilot. Our professional team is here to answer your software-related questions and provide advice tailored to the unique features of different software versions. Whether you're seeking insights into SonarQube, GitHub, or Ranorex, we aim to help you make informed decisions.

Product Trial

We assist you in testing the software in a real environment to determine if it meets your requirements. During the trial period, we provide a trial license for the product along with a Chinese installation guide generate by our expert team, which is easy to read, and tailored to the needs of domestic users.

Training Services

We provide user and administrator training tailored to their respective roles. For users, we offer operational and risk analysis training, while for administrators we provide training on permission management, security, and dashboard configuration. Our training services cover various programming languages, and come with Chinese documentation contributed by our experts. Customers can choose training in different languages based on their needs, including demonstrations of core concepts and key matters.

Installation and Deployment

Regardless of your software versions or installation environment, we ensure that your software is correctly installed and configured. Our team provides professional services with prompt responses. During the trial period, we offer installation guides generated by our experts to facilitate a smooth installation process.

Implementation and Maintenance

Based on your specific requirements and business processes, our experts will build a more robust production environment tailored to your specific needs and business processes, ensuring high availability and improved performance. We ensure the smooth implementation of the software in your chosen environment and provide operational support to ensure efficient functioning and continuous optimization of the system.

Technical Support

We provide 5*8 technical support, ensuring you receive timely assistance from our expert team. Our support team is available via phone, email, or online channels to address your inquiries. Additionally, when the existing features of the software fall short of meeting your needs, we also offer custom development services to help you tailor the software to your requirements seamlessly.




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